Elite Studio is a photography studio that specialises in photographing people.

Photographs of people are everywhere.  Today, we need photographs for so many reasons. From social media profiles to weddings, events or family portraits,  we see a multitude of portraits every day. How often do those photos grab your attention?

At  Elite Studio, we take photographing people seriously. It is more than just taking a photo, we create images that tell a story. An Elite Studio portrait can tell people who you are or show who you would like to be. It can capture what is happening and remind you of your feelings at that time. Photos that make an impression. Photos that make people stop and look.

If you want photos that make people take notice of you then contact us.  We can help you.

A portrait captures a likeness of a person, but it shows much more than what they look like. Your portrait can show your personality or the way you wish people to view you.

An elite studio portrait starts with finding out who you are and how want to be seen. Why you want your photo taken and what you want to use it for. Once we have your ideas clear, we add our years of experience to create the right atmosphere and setting to capture your in a way that fulfils your needs. Finally, we chose the best way to deliver your portraits so they are ready to do just what you wanted.

All through the this process we are there to advise you about any concerns that you have. We are here to help. 

When it comes to wedding photography, do you want more than great photos? Do you want something truly special? 

Your wedding is not just a photo shoot, it's the start of your lives together. You need a photographer who is there to capture all of the important parts of your special day and lets you enjoy your day. Someone who is there giving you assistance when you need it and giving you space when you need privacy. All the while capturing images that will remind you of the best of the day for many years to come.

For wedding photography that is more than just great photos, an experience that makes your wedding day better, you have come to the right place! 

Are you looking for photography workshops that extend your skills beyond learning about the camera controls?

Workshops at Elite Studio provide learning experiences that make expanding your photography exciting and fun. You will be part of a small group of photographers learning a mixture of theory and practical photography. The practical exercises will reinforce your new skills and let you take some great photos. Most of all, you will learn why you are doing things so you know when to use different techniques.

For more information visit the Workshops at Elite Studio website

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