The Home of Retro and Vintage Style

A photography studio dedicated to making you look fabulous.

Whether you love the roaring 20's, the glamour of old Hollywood, the retro looks of the 1950's or the swinging 60’s, the style and look you are after can be captured in your photoshoot. An Elite Studio shoot is as individual as you are. Your personally will be designed to look the way you want and photographed in a way that will make you feel comfortable and confident.
The photos from your photoshoot are aimed to make you say "WOW, is that really me". It's time to let yourself shine.

Over 20 years experience making people look good

People come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. To us the only thing common to all people is they all have their own beauty. Sometimes they might hide it a way, but when they step in front of our camera, our goal is to bring their beauty out in the photos for the world to enjoy.
Our experience allows us to bring your ideas to life, whatever they are. For every shoot, we listen to what you want and then help you create your dream look. That's what makes each shoot personal and unique, that's what makes your photoshoot with Elite Studio so special.
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