How do you want to be seen?

This is the most important question when approaching a portrait but one that few people consider when thinking about having portraits taken. A family portrait may be formal, casual or candid. For a corporate portrait you may want to appear strong and dominant or friendly and approachable. You may want a physique portraits to show the results of your hard work in the gym or you may want to be made over and add a little bit of Hollywood Glamour fantasy to your life.

Whatever the reason for your portraits, we are happy to talk to you about how you want to appear in your photos and how you want to use the images. Then we will design a portrait session to capture the images you want.


Live out your dreams. In a photo shoot you can be whoever you want to be.

Whether you dream to be a Starlet from the Golden Years of Hollywood, a 1950's pinup or you just adore the fashion of the 1920's, just bring your favourite outfits and we can capture that inner you in the style of the era that you love.

Your photoshoot will start with a style meeting before you sit and be pampered as your hair and makeup artist transforms your look. Then it's into your favourite outfit and into the studio where the lighting and posing will complete the look to capture your dream images.

A Vintage Glamour shoot, including hair and makeup, starts from just $495. Want more information, contact us for a full price guide.

Keeping your body looking fit means hours of training and watching what you eat. It's hard work, so why not show off the results of that hard work.

A physique fitness portrait uses creative lighting and posing to highlight your muscle tone and definition. This helps capture photos that really do justice to all of the time, effort and commitment you have spent to create your physique. A Physique fitness shoots start at $195.

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