For over 150 years, people have used photographs to record people and places so that the images can be preserved and viewed by others.

While the image may be frozen in time, the actual photograph can fade and be damaged in many ways. With the aid of digital technology, we can expertly copy your damaged photographs, enhance the image to minimise fading and retouch the damaged areas. From the enhanced image, reprints can be made to the same size as the original photo, enlarged or reduced to suit your needs.

We can also remove people, replace distracting backgrounds or create a composite image from a number of photos.

after1All of the work is undertaken on the digital copy so that your original photograph is maintained in its original condition.

If you have a treasured photo that is suffering from the ravages of time, we would be happy for you to bring it into the studio for a no obligation assessment and quote. Please contact us to arrange a convenient time.